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Featured Shoes: Nike Air Max Hyperize Kryptonate Sneakers

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If you are into super bright kicks then the Nike Air Max Hyperize might be more than the perfect solution for you. The kicks are made for Nate Robinson who was the first three time Sprite Slam Dunk champion after he defeated DeMar DeRozan in the final round of the Dunk Contest this past Saturday. Still, it will always be his 2009 performance that will have people talking for years to come, with the whole Kryptonate vs. Superman battle going on.

From what we can see from the only available picture of this shoe, it will feature an entirely neon green upper with some slight hits of black on the swoosh and on the outsole as well. On the tongue tag you can see the NR logo shield. At this time these are believed to just be a PE model, although we will keep you updated if we receive word of an actual release.

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