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Featured Shoes: Nike Air Max Hyped TB Red Carbon Sneakers

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The Hyperfuse has really been proving itself as the driving force in the basketball sneaker game as of late which is partly thanks to NBA All Star Rajon Rondo”™s recent performance in the playoffs while rocking these shoes. That being said, it doesn”™t mean that the Nike Air Max Hyped doesn”™t still deserve a bit of the spotlight as well. A new colorway of the sneaker has just been spotted and according to sources should be available later on this year.

It seems a little off these days to see a Nike basketball sneaker that doesn”™t feature Flywire as it has been one of the driving points of the brand lately but this one goes without it and still manages to look pretty nice. Red pearlescent leather is used for the majority of the upper paired up with mock red carbon fiber. White and silver will also accent the red.

[image via IN52]

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