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Featured Shoes: Nike Air Max 90 Na’vi Sneakers

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From the award-winning movie, Avatar draws another inspiration for a new running shoe. Nike has adopted the personal appearance of the Na’vi (People) in the movie. The Na’vi is a race of sentient extraterrestrial humanoids who inhabit the lush jungle moon of Pandora and are often referred to as “blues” or “blue monkeys”.

To join the phenomenal film, Nike came up with the idea of constructing a Na’vi-inspired colorway in which blue dominates the upper. Like the skin of the natives in the movie, this shoe possesses a cyan-colored paneling with shades of purple and green. The scale-like design of the leather used strongly depicts the Na’vi’s image.

With the Na’vi look, Nike was able to develop a new version of the Air Max 90 but with the same cushioning and standard technology. It has bright yellow shoe laces, gradient design on the inside, a white midsole, and clear Max Air unit. This special edition grabbed the name that refers to the humanoids and will only release in less than 5 pairs.

[image via Mentalkicks]

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