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Nike Air Max 98 Sneakers

After several Nike Air Max releases, the fire gets on with the 1998 model which actually introduced in 1997. Nike gave the shoe ‘Air Max 98’ as an official name. With the desire to please the runners of the late 90s, Nike rendered a unique design on this silhouette. Way different from its siblings, the Air Max 98 is much masculine and bold.

It utilized mesh insert on numerous areas such as the collar, tongue and forefoot. This allows the foot to breathe and lets air circulate in. The side panel can be concluded as the start of the Flywire technology idea but in a lighter concept. The threading is closely identical to what the Flywire has only that it used a nubuck background material.

While the base comes in leather, it also features wire-like design on the heel. The use of a full length Air Max technology was refined when this running shoe was launched. Perhaps the color improved while it preserves the midsole’s translucent behavior.

When it comes to label and branding, an average-sized Swoosh appears on the Air Max 98’s forefoot as an embossed character which usually goes with the lace loops’ color. Turn the shoe right side up and a marvelous construction comes into the scene.

Yes, more than a decade ago but the Nike Air Max 98 is still one of the best worn running kicks that deliver the ultimate cushioning technology to those who live by the sport. The design may not be as contemporary as the latest running shoes but if comfort is your requirement, this Air Max will never be left behind.

Nike Air Max 98 Royal Blue

Nike Air Max 98 Navy/Green/White