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Nike Air Force V Sneakers

Continuing its achievement of launching three versions of Air Force shoes successfully in three consecutive years, in 1990 Nike launched the Air Force V. This was the first version and possibly the pioneer of a shoe that showcases the airbag on the side. Similar to the previous version, Air Force V was slightly higher than the first three versions. The high top was vintage lovers favorite as well as the net pattern that goes from the tongue to the heel.

While David Robinson wore the Air Force STS in his rookie year, going up to his All-Star season he wore the Air Force V and  put up 25.6 points per game. He wasn’t the only one who put the fair share of the shoe in the professional court, Sir Charles also wore Air Force V in his professional years.

Air Force V was the last Air Force to be made before Nike gone in hiatus producing the Force line for more than a decade, and definitely the last original version to be made.

Nike Air Force V - side view

Nike Air Force V - bottom view