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Featured Shoes: Nike Air Force 1 Jones Beach Sneakers

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Some of you may remember the time last year when Nike released a pair of Air Force 1″™s called the Jones Beach edition Air Force 1″™s. As some of you may remember as well, only select retailers around the NYC area actually carried these sneakers, most of which being located around the Jones Beach area of Long Island unsurprisingly. Good news for fans of the sneakers this time around is when they are re-released they will be available in stores nationwide.

For these shoes, birch canvas has been used throughout the toe and midsection which is meant to resemble the sandy beach while the heel area has been covered with leather and imprinted with a design inspired by the wooden fences that can be seen scattered all across Jones Beach. The light blue outsoles of the sneaker will feature a white silhouette and have the words “Strong Island” printed on it.

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