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Featured Shoes: Nike Air Carnivore Retro Sneakers

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The classic Nike Air Carnivore receives some updates, thus getting ready for its Summer 2010 release. The lace-free high-strapped shoe has the Durabucks synthetic panels which makes it more conducive to wear during the warm season. It is available in two colorways.

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Comments to “Featured Shoes: Nike Air Carnivore Retro Sneakers”

  1. adelpho3 says:

    Oh my God,i can’t beleive it ,i wont get to excited because i have been hearing rumors about these for a few years now,i evening heard about a few stores that had pictures up there windows like 06 getting people going,and nothing never happen,so i will wait for these to release buy my self 3 pairs,1 for church and 2 for the collection,these are Nike’s most highly anticapated retro ever,i know people who don’t even like sneakers but they love these kicks,i have been collecting sneaker for years now and there have been alot J’s and nike retros that had people waiting in line and got sold out,but these will shock alot of young sneaker heads that never exspereince the hype and culture,these will sell out mark my words,but one question for Nike,why we gatta wait a whole summer for release.

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