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Featured Shoes: Nike Air 180 White/Teal/Orange Sneakers

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The Nike Air 180 may not get quite as much recognition as some of the other sneakers in the Nike Running lineup, but there is definitely enough great Nike Air 180″™s out there to make it a strong contender, even if it does get left trailing in the dust of soome shoes like the 90 and and the 95. This one definitely features an ultra cool colorway that we are really looking forward to.

The upper on these ones are predominantly white with hits of teal and orange making up the contrast here in this shoe. The teal can be found in the inner lining, backside of the tongue, swoosh and on the outsole towards the front. Orange can be spotted on the tongue tag, a section of the heel and the area surrounding the clear, visible air unit. This is looking like a good year for running shoes.

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