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Featured Shoes: New Balance WRC574 Surf Multi Sneakers

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Just when you thought you have seen every last possible colorway that New Balance had hiding up their sleeves, they come out with something like this. We have seen them do everything from simple shoes, bright and loud combos, mismatched colors and even earthy colorways. Today though, we have a new 574 that they threw a few standard colors into, called it the Surf Multi, and it pleased fans everywhere. Sounds a little like the beginning and ending of a fairy tale, but that”™s how nice of a shoe it is.

The base color of the upper is white, but that is quickly thrown off track the red section on the toe that incorporates yellow contrast stitching. Towards the back there is a nice blue section with red contrast stitching that sits atop a gray strip. Above that, around the ankle area, the color yellow can be found as well.

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