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Are Those LeBron and Kobe Reebok Question Mids For Real?

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rbk-question-8-23-pe-pack-fhb_1-5Image Source: Packer Shoes

The year was 1996. The player was Allen Iverson. The sneaker was the Reebok Question. Enough said. Right? Not really.

We all know about these iconic kicks. If there was a Hall of Fame for sneakers, they would be a first ballot entry. Every collector at least has one pair proudly displayed in their collection. And, while Reebok has still been delivering solid Question releases in inspiring colorways, they really haven”™t dropped that head-turning, jaw-dropping, “Holy sh*t” exclaiming release.

Well that was the case prior to the collaboration between Packer Shoes and Reebok Classics.

Back in October, the shoe boutique in Teaneck, NJ released the “For Players Use Only” pack. If you were lucky to snag the set, we don”™t need to tell you how amazing this release was. And, if you”™ve seen your friends posting pics online or rocking them on the streets, you”™re probably filled with jealously. How often do you witness Reebok Questions of PE versions worn by legends Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. Wait, what? Are these for real? Absolutely.

Despite being associated with The Swoosh, King James and the Black Mamba were fans of the classic Reebok basketball shoe. If you got a bad memory, here”™s a look back at the days when LeBron and Kobe were dominating the court in Reeboks.

Throughout his high school career at St. Vincent-St. Mary, James was seen wearing a plethora of sneakers. He was on the court in everything from Jordan PEs, adidas T-MACs and, of course, the Reebok Question in a white and black color scheme. During the 2003 McDonald”™s All-American Game, a fresh-faced LeBron James wore a special white and red pair with “L23J” numbered on the side panel. So, why didn”™t LeBron continue to show his love for The Question when he entered the NBA? Pretty simple. Nike signed the 18 year-old to a record-setting $93 million contract.

rbk-question-8-23-pe-pack-second-set-10 rbk-question-8-23-pe-pack-second-set-28

It was also in 2003 that Kobe inked a 5 year contract worth $45 million with the Nike. However, Bryant did play several games in a white, yellow and purple Reebok Question PE and a pair of black-toe Questions while a sneaker free agent. Before that deal with The Swoosh, Kobe had signed a six year contract worth $48 million with adidas when he joined the league in 1996. Kinda funny that Kobe and AI both entered the NBA in the same year, both had sneaker contracts, but only The Question survived – which Kobe would later wear on the court, even if for a short time.

rbk-question-8-23-pe-pack-second-set-25 rbk-question-8-23-pe-pack-second-set-29

Since both players were fans of the legendary silhouette, and had the sneaks on their feet, it only made sense for Packer Shoes -who are also approaching a 10th Anniversary – to offer their interpretations of the Question PEs Bryant and James wore a decade ago. The LeBron Question is a white and green SVSM scheme with gold highlights,  the number “˜23′ on the heel and personalized ‘L23J’ embroidery on the sides. Kobe’s Question is also white-based that features purple leather, gold accents and ‘8’ numbering on the heel.

While this pack is beyond awesome, some of us have to ask? How did Nike let this happen? After all, LeBron and Kobe are two of the brand’s top signature athletes. Kinda hard to think that The Swoosh would let another shoe company make some cash off of two of their own cash cows. Granted, both players were sporting The Question before they signed with Nike, but still…

Anyways, the Packer Shoes x Reebok Question “For Players Use Only” pack were available for pick-up beginning on October 18 & 19 at Packer Shoes, and online. Obviously, this $300 pack is already sold out, but if you do some searching – and willing to pay a little more – you”™ll be able to invest in these one-of-a-kind and unbelievable sneakers.

What do you think of the “For Player Use Only Pack”? Cop or not?

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