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Kanye West Designed Pair of Nikes Sell for $90,000 on eBay

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Last week, an announcement was made about the release of the Nike Air Yeezy 2 Limited Edition, a product of Nike’s and Kanye West’s Collaboration. This Nike Air Yeezy 2 Limited Edition, with Kanye West being the designer was highly popularized as people often saw him wearing those sneaks during his performances even before the official release, making a lot of people curious and anxious to own a pair. The sneaks were officially released last Saturday, June 9. As the sneaks are only of limited edition, less than 5000 pairs were released that costs $245 and they flew off the shelves, leaving many fans frustrated due to the fact that they were not able to grab one. However, for those who were able to pre-order the sneaks, it became an opportunity to earn a lot of money.

On eBay, a pair of the Nike Air Yeezy two that originally costed $245 was put up for auction with an original bidding price starting at $0.99 on May 30 by pinoyako4life. It went up to $3,500 by the next day and by June 5, the bidding went up to a 5 digit price with one user first offering $10,200 then coming back 20 minutes later with a $20,000 bid and ended up topping the bid for the day with a $49,999 bid offer. June 6 was an even better day for pinoyako4life, with the bidding starting at $70,000 and ending with the winning bid of $90,300 by a user only identified as a***1 swooping in on the last minute.

A $90,300 bid for a pair of Nike shoe designed by Kanye West. West should be pretty flattered, don’t you think?

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