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Featured Shoes: Complete Air Jordans Timeline (w/ Pics) Sneakers

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Michael Jordan’s renowned name and victorious career started in 1984 when Nike offered him a five-year $2.5 million contract for his own line of shoes. Being a rookie, he did great endeavor while with the Chicago Bulls which later had a positive result. MJ garnered the 1984 Rookie of the Year title which marked a spot of his All-Star career. With his hard work, he accumulated a total score of 63 points against Boston Celtics and his team made it to the playoffs for the first time since 1981.

In the same year, the first Air Jordan model became MJ’s court shoes in every game. The first Air Jordan 1 appeared in a colorway that has violated the NBA sneaker rules leading MJ to get fined with $5,000 every time he wore it during a game.

To get him out of trouble, Nike created another Air Jordan and in 1985, the Air Jordan 2 was created followed by the Air Jordan 3 in 1986, and the Air Jordan 4 in 1987. During the 86/87 season, Michael Jordan was awarded as the Defensive Player of the Year, All-Star MVP and League MVP with a Slam Dunk title.

Two Team All-Defensive titles were earned by the Chicago Bulls in 1988 and in 1989, the WWII Mustang fighter plane-inspired Air Jordan made a radical change in the world of basketball sneakers. Its tough features motivated MJ to capture his fourth scoring title with an average of 36.7 points in 16 playoff games.

Successive triumphs were received by the Bulls because in 1990, they won their first NBA Championship title and a Second League MVP trophy was awarded to Michael Jordan. In 1991, an All-Star MVP award plus sixth scoring title and Gold in Barcelona were grabbed by MJ. One of the top achievements was completed by MJ when he scored 20,000 points in his whole basketball career in 1992.

Michael Jordan reached the peak of his career and in 1993, he officially announced his retirement from the NBA. This event did not stop the production of his signature shoe, thus the Air Jordan continued to its ninth model which featured a unique outsole that depicted MJ’s winning qualities in different languages.

In 1996, MJ decided to return to the court while leaving his short-time baseball career. His energy was back and at the same time, Air Jordan designer, Tinker Hatfield revealed more innovative designs as the Air Jordan 11 (1996) and Air Jordan 12 (1997) were produced. MJ’s heroic “Flu Game” took place when he played in Utah while suffering from flu, thus losing his MVP title. However, the Air Jordan 12 that he wore during the game was proven to be the most durable among the Jordans.

In 1998, Michael Jordan announced his retirement from the NBA, the second and last attempt he did that marked the end of his career. Finally, in 2004, he totally left the court. Despite losing MJ in the game, Air Jordan never discontinued the line bringing up one model each until 2010 with one of the most controversial shoes, the Air Jordan 2010 that distinctly features a clear circular window on the side panel.

The Jordans Timeline clearly shows the significant events that took place in the NBA career of the legendary Michael Jordan in a chronological order, including the evolution of the world”™s famous sneaker line ““ the Air Jordan.

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