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Gourmet “Ocelot” Sneaker Pack

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Gourmet has once again gone “animal” in its choice of prints for its sneakers. Not surprising given the success of its leopard sneaker pack and also the fact that animal print designs seem to doing well this year. So, say hello to the “Ocelot”.

Yes, its the Gourmet “Ocelot” Sneaker Pack with three designs, namely the 35 LP, the Dieci 2 SN and the Quattro Skate SN. Of these the 35 LP is available in two colorways.

The iterations are so designed so that you can choose silhouettes as per your taste and also the amount of animal print you wish to see on the upper.

Hey,did we tell you what the ocelot is? It’s a gorgeous animal, a spotted cat smaller than the Jaguar. It is found in the jungles of South and Central America. Check out the pics and let us know which “ocelot” in canvas, suede, leather, and mesh is your favorite.


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  1. LeeReubens says:

    this is one of dem clats……….send dem fi me!!!!

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