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Generic Air Yeezys?

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It’s just normal seeing ‘inspired by’ stuff after something become a phenomenon.  I’m expecting Nike Air Yeezys to inspire as well, but not as quick, truthfully.  While I’m thankful that the ‘inspiration’ doesn’t go beyond the Nike walls, bear with me, Nike Air Yeezys fans, analyze these pictures.



It’s the Nike Scandal, clearly inspired by the Zen Grey / Charcoal colorway of the Nike Air Yeezys. Let’s see the real thing:



Now, I love Nike.  Always have, always will.  And I do believe that there should be an alternative for the $215 Nike Air Yeezys for fans out there.  However, I’m slightly disturbed to see the Yeezy-ed Nike Air Scandal.  Sure they only cost $90-ish, but let me ask you one question here:

For a pair “non-Yeezys”, will you pay $90 for the “Scandal”?


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Comments to “Generic Air Yeezys?”

  1. Shifty says:

    Most people seeing someone in these are going to say there fake. I would never rock them cuz everyone I know that has the air yeezy would know they were supposed them, these are not legit.

  2. Rufus Johnson esq says:

    Aye, i'd still rock those. ONLY if they were truly nike shoes….

  3. stFUkG says:

    Just and FYI.. Those are Womens sneaks

  4. Allen says:

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  5. BUCK WILSON says:

    lol, you'd have to be really half wit it to think the generics were fresh!!

  6. mr tolerance says:

    I would never roc tha fake yeezy’s it mean’s your fake and can’t afford tha real thang’s. Get your bar’s up kid!

  7. jay says:

    cant tell but i found a pair of yezzy's 4 $35!!!! fresh outa china!

    haha suck on that Allen 😉

  8. kickseden says:

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  9. lisa says:

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  10. Ken says:

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  11. Spiritslightly says:

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