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Featured Shoes: Fish&Kicks Great Whites Pack Sneakers

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Some sneakerheads prefer to wear custom kicks to be able to display the real essence of creativity while most would go for something that”™s made with original specs and has no duplicates or replicas. To be able to cope up with this demand, Japan”™s rising urban label, Fish&Kicks finally raised a fashion line that caters limited audiences. Each garment piece is intertwined with the characters and happenings of the alternate Yume realm that is home to Tokyami Island. There are many friends and adventures to come.

Fish&Kicks® is the hidden jewel of the underground streetwear subculture, quested by sneakerhead connoisseurs and cool hunters. To ensure these items are truly treasured, production is limited and releases are rare. The exclusivity is an emblem for the individual that is bold enough to wear something not mass-produced for the mainstream. Dubbed “Streetwear for the Fantasist” as a result of fusing fashion and fantasy; the type of person that can appreciate the creations constructed is that of a daydreamer and is aware of the fact that the world of their fantasy and their reality is divided only by the fine line of perception. These few are able to escape with us to Tokyami and thus entitled “Citizens”. Adventure with Fish&Kicks and explore the depth and vastness of the Yume Ocean, discovering the enchanting unknown.

All footwear and apparel are inspired by the bold streetwear fashions and vibrant anime abstractions seen in the eclectically electric streets of Japan. All storylines and characters are original. Footwear and garments are limited quantity and released in single runs. This is so only true Tokyami Citizens can obtain F&K® creations and eliminates the possibility of the brand becoming “trendy”.

Today, Fish&Kicks introduces its latest product called the Great Whites Pack, a totally neat pair of all-white high tops with ribbed collar and red fish fin graphics accent. Stay Raw | Stay Fresh.

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