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Featured Shoes: Nike Kobe 7 – What The Kobe Heel Logo Sneakers

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Although LA Lakers did not make it to the finals, and Kobe did not get back his MVP title, there is still a reason to pay him tribute. Nike just compiled all his “What The Kobe” themes and came up with a pair of kicks that features a unique heel logo and all-in-one upper design.

The Nike Kobe 7 – What The Kobe Heel Logo is a special and exclusive release that will go out this summer with a remarkable insignia on the rear ““ a collection of all Kobe”™s previous Kobe 7 symbols where snake, shark, poison dart frog, wolf, and cheetah appear. All the kicks”™ colorways and prints are mustered up on the upper, creating a one-of-a-kind look. The highlight of this pack however is the superb heel logo so whatever appearance the upper might have, it has a little bearing when it comes to its unique attribute that boosts it from the rear.

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[image via KicksCrew]

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