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Featured Shoes: Nike Free Run+ 3 x Hurley Sneakers

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Hurley, a brand that rooted in beach culture is a part of the surf industry since the late 1970s. Most of its products such as the surf boards were established in Costa Mesa and now it is one of the best in the world. Hurley business has been exciting and successful especially when the brand finds a new partner to work with new products. So today, Hurley teamed up with Nike for the Free Run+ 3, a famous running shoe that has been making the lineup active.

The Nike Free Run+ 3 x Hurley is a simple representation of how the surfer”™s idea has blended with the sneaker culture. With this all-black running silhouette the team has written a name not on the sand but on paved track. The upper has an excellent design with the tonal graphic overlay matched with volt hint on the tongue. Its bottom is fused with the 5.0 Free Run+ sole.

Hurley and Nike just created a shoe that makes both runners and surfers excited. For this release, check out Nike retailers by July 14th to get a pair for $110. This pack comes with a special volt Hurley draw string shoe bag.

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