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Ewing Athletics to Brand Ewing 33 Hi Agian

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Ewing Athletics

Patrick Ewing, whose basketball prowess intertwined within every corner of Madison Square Garden, celebrated his 50th birthday yesterday. But even though Ewing has long been retired from the sport, Ewing Athletics has found another spark to once again open their doors and make a return to the market later this month.

With retro hardwood sneakers peaking to a point where it almost fills in every crevice of market shelves, the New York Knick center nod to bring back his signature line came just in the nick of time for old school advocates to once again rekindle their passion for the sport and of course, for Patrick.

Together with the team from Ewing Athletics, Patrick”™s fans and sneaker-heads Fat Joe, Chi McBride and DJ Clark Kent gave their respective greetings to the NBA great while branding their respects with a Ewing logo tees.

Ewing Athletics is set to re-launch the Ewing 33 Hi but as of the moment, we”™ll just have to wait a bit longer.

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