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Dr. J Reminiscences On His Converse Deal In 1974

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We, at Sole Redemption, take our role in disseminating information on sneakers very seriously. The brands that all of us cherish and the names associated with them invariably have a link to the past. Every now and then, we think it is a good idea to revisit the past and gain some perspective on the growth and commercialization of sneaker culture.

Julius Irving, along with the likes of Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Walt Frazier, was the torchbearer in the 70s for the star basketball players of today who endorse brands. And what did Dr. J make from the first ever endorsement deal between an NBA player and a brand – Converse? Around $25K. Back then, Dr. J endorsed the Chuck Taylor. Take a look at the video in the source link, the good doctor talks about the first deal and makes the claim that Converse still owes him money.


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