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Countdown to the Coolest Shoe Soles on Earth

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Everyone has heard TV detectives discussing shoe prints as identifiers, and vaguely wondered what their own shoes are pressing into the earth. Would your soles give you away if you were a criminal, or are your soles bland enough to go unnoticed?

Here are the soles with coolest prints on Earth, and the sometimes-ugly shoes that happen to be attached to them.

BRAND: Vibram Five Finger Shoes by Jaya
SOLE: Finger Toes

Jaya Finger ToesToe shoes have been a craze for years with health experts and those obsessed with posture. They”™ve proven their value for people who run a lot, as they train the foot to balance itself rather than swaddling it in myriad layers of comfort.

Foot printThese shoes have an added benefit: they often leave neat prints in the dirt. If you”™ve been hiking since 2009, then you have probably wondered about the barefoot hiker, not knowing someone had been wearing these kicks.

SOLE: Puppy Paw

Puppy PawWhile the puppy paw of this pump doesn”™t leave a realistic paw mark, it does leave people something to ponder. The cute style definitely makes a statement, but the sole itself tells observers that the wearer is bold and daring.

PuppetThough these soles are meant to look like puppy paws, they do have a Tim Burton-esquefeel, due to the mismatched paw sizes. If you saw these impressions on the sidewalk, you might think you were in the movie Beetlejuice.

BRAND: Merrell for Japan
SOLE: Ukiyo-E Painting Prints

Merrell UkiyoStylized specifically for the Japanese buyer, these Merrell flats have impressionistic soles of the Ukiyo-E collection of prints. Wildly popular abroad, many blogs have questioned their limited,strictly-international availability.

WaveAs you can see by comparing the original print to the shoe sole, there is a striking resemblance that charms Ukiyo-E fans. The art lovers who wear these nifty flats get to see the print re-printed with each wet shoe mark they leave on the sidewalks of Japan.

BRAND: Ferocious Footwear by Bob Bassett
SOLE: Giant Cat Paw

Giant Cat PawA shoe that few people would choose to wear, the giant cat paw by Ferocious Footwear more closely resembles the paws of Satan from the movie Legend than the paws of a kitten.

SatanWhile Goths and Halloween costume-wearers may love these fierce Satan-spawn-like shoes, it”™s hard to imagine real people wearing them, in spite of their interesting soles.

BRAND: Dr. Scholls & Starstyling for Threaded Footwear
SOLE: Horseshoe

HorseshoeClearly a shoe meant to mock the runway, the horseshoe heel is outrageously overstated. Starstyling and Dr. Scholls created an entire line to mock runway fashion, but these horsey-heels are the most interesting. Leaving a giant smiley face with each step, the heel clicks like a horse step would, too.

Horseshoe with TailLadies wearing the horsey heel have been photographed with horsetail-ponytails and riding crops;yet, there are other women chose to wear their ponytails on their outrageous shoes.

BRAND: Outliers by Maskull Lasserre
SOLE: Human Foot

Human FootThese shoes could conceal your identity at the scene of a crime (leaving a too-large foot impression, so the cops would never suspect you), or they could just inspire conversation at parties.

Human Foot PrintDesigner and artist MaskullLasserre has an entire line of shoes, all leaving impressions of zoo animals and wildlife. If you followed his posse through the snow, you might imagine a stampede had occurred in downtown New York City.

BRAND: Outliers by Maskull Lasserre
SOLE:Kodiak Track

Kodiak TrackWhat could be cooler than freaking out your friends and neighbors by leaving the footprints of scary, wild animals in the snow? These shoes open the door to countless pranks, as well as a few added inches of height.

Kodiak Foot PrintRanked the coolest sole on this countdown, the Kodiak impression is one you won”™t forget soon. Try wearing these shoes on a camping trip, outside the gates of a zoo, or on Halloween night.


If you want to be the topic of conversation, then wearing one of these pairs of shoes is your answer. From scary animals to Satan-spawn, barefooted criminals to trotting runway models, shoe soles now speak volumes about the wearer.

Unless you”™re a criminal hoping to avoid scrutiny in forensics labs, wearing these soles is a great idea to up your fashion ante, or show off your taste in Japanese art.





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Comments to “Countdown to the Coolest Shoe Soles on Earth”

  1. leira says:

    i think i prefer the Vibram 5 fingers

  2. Franc Ramon says:

    The shoe design are so amusing. The concepts are funny. Vibram is common these days.

  3. Dems says:

    I like #7 and #2 😀
    The others are unique but will scary the hell out of me:))

  4. these are beyond cool! 😀 but some of them kinda freak me out hehehehehe

  5. New ideas for fashion including footwear never seem to run out.

  6. Mai Flores says:

    These are actually an interesting bunch of shoe soles! But if I were to get one, I would take the vibram pair — always wanted to buy one!

  7. Nickle Love says:

    I’m torn. One part of me thinks they’re cool, the other part thinks they’re creepy. Hahahhaa!

  8. These shoes are crazy! Wouldn’t let myself be caught wearing one of these, to be honest. :p

  9. Cool concept but I don’t think I’ll be getting one of those maybe because I’m not really the type of person that wanted to be the talk of the town.

  10. Airra Pingol says:

    pretty cool shoes.
    I actually like the horse shoe. 😀

  11. jane says:

    wow! those are indeed really cool and can be really scary as well! xx

  12. The Cat’s Paw pair looks interesting. It could be paired nicely with a Catwoman costume.

  13. Joanna says:

    I love this post!

    Being a runner, a beginner runner who is working to advance my skills, I am also working in advancing my footwear. 🙂

    I think, I am one of those rare female breed that is not that obsessed with shoes. But running has changed that. 😀

    This month I would like to buy new shoes for running, and I’m contemplating on buying one regular shoes for my races and perhaps a Vibram for training, perhaps even interachanged them.

    Going to link to this post when I write about my relationship to shoes, and how it evolved!

  14. Haha, I just saw this. These are really cool and amusing shoe soles. So unique! Ang galing!

  15. Lily says:

    the puppy paw is so cute. hehe. Others are scary. x_X

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