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Biscotti TV Phone GIVEAWAY on SoJones!

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Most messengers are no longer functioning well, they act funny and weird at times. Why is that? It could be because of user congestion so the server can no longer hold population overload such as having everyone do the voice chat at a time. No worries, Biscotti TV Phone, named as 2012 CES Innovations Honoree is now circulating in the market to transform any high-definition TV into videophone, with no monthly fees.

Biscotti brings the comfort of calling anyone, anywhere in your own living room as it sits discretely atop your HDTV, but of course with the aide of Wi-Fi. Biscotti offers free calls to other Biscotti unit and to any other computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device supporting Google video chat, as well as Gmail and Google Apps accounts, in real-time.

To make you feel the difference, SoJones and Biscotti teamed up for an exclusive giveaway promo that will award one (1) Biscotti TV Phone unit to a chosen winner. All you have to do is visit, follow the mechanics, and you are off to a possible Biscotti fortune!

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