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A Bathing Ape Simple Sta

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Back when A Bathing Ape was first released on the world it was very obvious that their inspirations were very Japanese. Over the years and as they started appealing more and more towards the American audience they started to take more cues from the American consumers as to what they wanted from their special brand of sneakers. This new line of A Bathing Ape Simple Stas for the Summer of 2010 are definitely proof of the brand receiving the aforementioned American influence.

This new version looks a little bit like the Air Force 1 version of the Bathing Ape sneaker but after a few months on steroids. Our favorite part here is the moccasin toe look paired against the slimmed down ankle collar. Overall there will be three different colorways releasing as a part of this pack that will be finding its way into stores sometime this summer.

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