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A.K.O.O. Clothing is a relatively late entrant to the world of streetwear, and yet has already created space for itself in the market. The brand was created in 2008; the brainchild of Grammy award-winning artist T.I.

AKOO is an acronym for “A King of Oneself”. And the brand captures the essence of this philosophy through the styles it manufactures. AKOO-branded apparel stands out for the use of quality material and the urban appeal which comes in no small measure from T.I”™s own creative expertise. GQ has named AKOO as one of the “10 Most Stylish Men in America.” AKOO has been adopted by prominent personalities such as Larry King as well as rap artists such as Big Boi and Meek Mill.

Savvy Urban Male Market

The label continues to grow but one place where it most likely has all its competitors beat is in the brand icon department. Snobby the Fox is the brand”™s icon and is doing yeoman service to improve AKOO”™s visibility. The fox, according to T.I is respected the world over for its intelligence and savviness, the attributes that urban males with a penchant for AKOO would definitely possess.

Products for That Swag

The manufacturing and distribution are handled by the RP55 Group, and it has helped AKOO ride the wave of international success. The AKOO label sells tees, vests, shirts, bottoms, jackets, active-wear, sweaters, accessories, and more through its retail stores and a strong online presence. Leading online retailers stock AKOO.

AKOO garments are distinguished by the use of quality material, be it fabric, leather accents, wood buttons, or quality denim. The last mentioned in particular has endeared AKOO to streetwear lovers who appreciate the manner in which the brand has used the material to redefine urban chic.

AKOO is there for anyone looking to update his swag. T.I”™s life experience translates wonderfully well into a clothing line that is indeed for you ““ A King of Oneself.