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Air Jordan 8 / Air Jordan VIII Sneakers

Air Jordan 8

“Strap In” is the idea that wraps up the Air Jordan 8 as it took its official debut in 1993. Parallel to MJ’s high performance kicks that enabled him to three-peat as a world champion, the AJ8 also moved into radical and it showed up with a fully tricked-out appearance.

The twist abounds when Michael Jordan promoted the considered to be a heavy shoe that was equipped with anti-inversion straps, polycarbonate torsion plate, and even a fuzzy Jumpman tongue logo. MJ couldn’t have denied that what he was wearing during the time that he achieved his 20,000th point record was an AJ8 in an ultra-bold color.

Although the base comes in White, a couple of valiant hues such as Black, Grey, and Red made up a faultless contrast. A quarter pane was made up of an abstract design that involves the supplementary colors while the same tones were used on the carpeted Jumpman logo on the tongue. A combination of Grey and Red fragments completes the midsole as White outsole held the whole shoe.

What then was the significance of the anti-inversion straps? – It would have served as a better clasp for MJ to get rid of untied laces but apparently, it could have caused him discomfort due to the tightness that the straps have made. However, the Air Jordan 8 was not a total disaster to MJ. Of course he was able to play good, not blaming any of his failures to the shoe. But as many critiques existed at that time, still, negative feedbacks were reported to have challenged one of the MVP’s weapons. Yet, some amazed collectors labeled it as the flower-power Air Jordan.

From its original colorway, the Air Jordan 8 was later seen in an array of color blends with numerous artistic panes and even colorful outsoles.

Air Jordan 8