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Air Jordan 14 / Air Jordan XIV Sneakers

Air Jordan 14

It was in 1999 when Air Jordan dropped the final shoe for MJ, called the Air Jordan 14. In January of the same year, MJ announced his final retirement from the NBA without any plan of entering another sport. Imagine how Air Jordan gave honor to its icon, MJ with the 14th version of this signature shoe, a race-ready design was developed.

The Air Jordan 14’s aerodynamic lines, mesh vents, asymmetrical ankle cut and dual Zoom Air reflect its race-bred inspiration from Michael Jordan’s Ferrari. A muscle image is one of the shoe’s racing attributes with the ribbed mid and quarter panels made up of textured leather along with detailed overlays. A Jumpman logo inside a Ferrari-patterned insignia appeared on the lateral with a set of shoe laces having metal tips. What makes this Air Jordan really amazing is the abundance of Jumpman logos that were incorporated since each shoe has seven Jumpmans making a total of fourteen Jumpmans in a pair.

Air Jordan also provided this basketball shoe with a remarkable sole design. Obviously, it does not come simple, yet a couple of fragments were emphasized on the toe area. An extra ordinary tongue has also a masculine role since it stands out easily compared to the other Jordans’ tongues.

But perhaps, the shoe was best-known gracing MJ’s foot when he hit “The Shot” against Utah to capture his historic sixth title. From there, he was back to the MVP throne and it is the best way to have a victorious retirement after all.

The Air Jordan 14 marked MJ”™s final stop in the game but not for the Jordan line for more interesting designs were revealed even after the King of Court terminated his NBA career.

Air Jordan 14 - White/Black Varsity Red Metallic Silver

Air Jordan 14 - Retro Light-Graphite Chartuese