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Featured Shoes: Air Jordan Sixty Plus Grape Sneakers

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It”™s been a while since we have covered anything pertaining to the Air Jordan Sixty Plus Grape and we hope that you all haven”™t forgotten about them because they have just released and it would be a shame to miss out on these. Of course these aren”™t quite as good as the Air Jordan V Grapes but it is close enough and is probably the best option that we will have for quite a while. In fact the only main differnces would be these featuring an entirely leather upper instead of the V”™s mesh inserts. These were originally thought to be an Asia only exclusive but that has since been proven to not be true. We will definitely be going out to try and get our hands on a pair, and while they are definitely a nice shoe, since they aren”™t a retro we don”™t expect lines to be overly long for these.

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