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Featured Shoes: Air Jordan X Old Royal Sneakers

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One of the funny things about the Air Jordan lineup is that shoes that were originally not so popular when they first released can become very popular many years later when they are released as a retro. Maybe there’s something to do with a whole new generation of sneaker heads or maybe it”™s the fact that people have fonder memories of them now than they did in the past. Whatever the reason might be, we are still always happy to see new renditions of our favorite sneakers come in new colorways. Today we”™re going to be looking at an example of that with the new Air Jordan X Old Royal.

This shoe will feature a predominantly white upper although Royal blue will be worked in there as well as some bits of gray. This is actually a great way to honor these classic shoes and we will definitely be in line to pick up a pair for ourselves, how about you?

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