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Featured Shoes: Air Jordan 2009: The Review Sneakers

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In New York, Michael Jordan speaks himself that the Air Jordan 2009 is a new beginning and legacy. If this was to be named Air Jordan XX4 then it would overshadow the number 23 for Air Jordan XX3. This was designed by Jason Mayden whom was inspired by Fencing in conceptualizing the shoe. For the upper he made overall design contours of the foot more evident that gives superior responsiveness and quick reaction time with maximum support. The pleating on a satin upper reinforces the durable construction of the shoe for a floor lockdown grip. The Achilles tendon is hugged by various foam inserts in the heel area. It’s also breathable to make the moisture wick due to the special liner in the shoe. For the midsole, the heel employs cutting edge Articulated Propulsion Technology that makes the athlete have a way to propel forward with stunning explosiveness. The split heel allows further flexibility in moving to various positions at one time. The Carbon fiber plate, TPU (Thermo Plastic Urethane), and Articulated forefoot Zoom Air unit cushions foot to maximize comfort. The outsole grooves fit with the grooves of the foot for further traction.

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  1. Jordan0589 says:

    xx3s=p1mp status. these= wack status

  2. Mz.Ki says:

    ^ really these r very ug !!!!!!!!!

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