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Featured Shoes: Adidas Trefoil Hi Sneakers

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Adidas back in the day was known for their innovative styles and daring designs. As of late, while they have still been steadily releasing nice new sneakers, they have not been as brave as their old school days when it comes to stranger designs. Some of that old school innovation is about to come back though with the new Adidas Trefoil Hi.

Let”™s just get straight into it and address the elephant in the room, which is the Trefoil Adidas leaf featured on the back heel that stretches all way up to the calf when it is being worn. As far as the bottom of the shoes, they appear to simply be a high cut version of the classic Stan Smith sneakers. It is hard to believe, but it seems like we have finally found a sneaker that is higher than the Skytop II”™s. Too much for you or just right?

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