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Adidas Social Media Barricade Shoes

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Adidas Social Media Barricade

You know that feeling when you see something totally awesome and then in a few minutes going back to your senses and think “but why?”

We experienced the same feeling when we read the news about the Adidas Social Media Barricade shoes.  It”™s the newest concept shoes from Adidas customized by London”™s shoe designer: Nash Money, that incorporate a phone”™s inner parts and a super-basic two-line LCD into a running shoe, enabling the wearer to take Twitter updates on the run (yes, literally) through a public account.  Who knows, maybe the wearer will come in first in a race and s/he will be able to receive instant congratulatory messages from fans?  The signature Adidas stripes also change their hue through remote control.

Sounds complicated enough to check Tweets while running, but hey, in the creative world there is no bad idea.  Adidas calls the Social Media Barricade “the future of athlete connectivity”.   Word is, the shoe will be available for the 2016 Rio Games.

Will it still be able to connect in the rain, we wonder.

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