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Featured Shoes: adidas Originals Campus 2 Fozzie Sneakers

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One of the funny and quirky things that we enjoy about sneakers so much is that they have this funny way of being able to incorporate all other sorts of things from daily life and pop culture into them. A lot of times you wouldn’t guess that these things would really go and tie into sneakers but they really have a way of tying themselves in with everything else around them. One of the last things you’d expect to be associated with sneakers is cartoon characters but over the years we have seen a whole lot of them being blended together. Today we”™re going to look at the latest one, this is the new adidas Originals Campus 2 Fozzie.

Fozzie Bear of the Muppets fame will have his face used on this sneaker that is predominantly black although features accents of white and pink throughout as well.

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