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8 Tips to Getting Limited Kicks

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Every once in a while, sneaker brands announce limited edition kicks; and the announcement is enough to send slivers of excitement through the legion of sneaker fans all across the world. Be it Nike, Reebok, Puma, Adidas or Vans, limited kicks from any brand sell”¦and they sell fast. And that is invariably bound to leave more people disappointed than satisfied.

Whether you wish to lay your paws on limited kicks to sell them for profit later on, or because you like the product, or maybe you want to stand out in a crowd, whatever be the reason you can improve your chances of success by implementing the eight tips that we”™re presenting especially for you ““ the loyal sneaker lover.

1. Try the next day ““ The biggest and most potent tip that you won”™t find anyone giving it to you because this is what works for so many guys who regularly beat the competition and take home exclusive kicks. The reason why this works is that many online purchases get invalided because of a number of reasons; faulty credit card data entered; wrong address given; and so on. These shoes are reentered into the system and available for sale. So call the online retailer for three or four days after the sale period is over. You can get lucky. People do get lucky this way.

2. Barter ““ Yup, find a buddy with whom you can barter. The idea can work with an existing pair that you”™ve got or new kicks that you can lay your hands on for someone else. It does not even have to be a like-to-like barter. Barter or exchange if you”™ve got a brand new set of Beats by Dr Dre headset but you”™d rather own a pair of Nike Air Yeezy 2, give it a try.

3. Make a group effort ““ Teamwork can make a big difference. A pre-planned concerted effort at online ordering increases the chances of you and your mates landing a couple of kicks in the sizes of your choice. So enlist the help of friends who”™re willing to game the system a bit for you.

4. Stay Informed ““ Knowledge is power. Stay informed. And the best way to do that is to sign up for a couple of well-chosen RSS feeds of sites such as Soleredemption, yup that”™s us. The early n”™ informed bird gets the worm. Keeping an ear to the ground for sale dates; because every once in a while, a limited edition model is released in a low-key manner. So it pays to be in the know.

5. Check out the bricks and mortar stores ““ There exist authorized dealers everywhere who will stock genuine limited edition kicks. A lot of them just don”™t bother to advertise aggressively. A great way to find out about such shops is to check sneaker forums and exchange information with other dedicated sneakerheads.

6. Be the first in queue ““ A basic rule of the game; if it”™s a release that you know every one will want a piece of then you have to be sure that in this first-come-first-served world, you”™re amongst the first in queue. Line up outside the store as early as you can, lug a chair, a case of lemonade or beer and dogs. Chill and pray.

7. Be ready to pay ““ Simple due diligence in keeping your credit card or debit card account in good shape. Simple, yet so overlooked that it is the main reason for point one being successful. Don”™t wait till the last moment to clear your card debts.

8. eBay ““ Folks purchase limited kicks to sell for a profit. And eBay has the largest and most exhaustive repository of shoes; check “˜em out and you will find not just limited kicks but also some pretty rare ones in colorways not easily available.

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