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The 15 Most Weird, Wild and Unique Sneakers Ever Designed

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Sneaker designs have come a long away throughout the years. As technology as advanced, brands have been designing sneaks that are not only functional, but that can improve performance. When a designer begins to focus on the function of the shoe, that can create some unique, strange and off-the-wall shoes that divide fans. Sometimes designers like Jeremy Scott make outrageous kicks because that’s how he makes a living. Other times, it just happens. And, we’re not exactly sure why. Like we previously mentioned. Maybe it’s because it will enhance an athlete’s performance. Perhaps designers were just following a trend. Whatever the reasoning these shoes actually happened. Whether you love them or hate them, here are 15 of the most unusually designed sneakers of all-time.

15. Reebok Shaqnosis

zoomImage Source: Foot Locker

Shaq Diesel literally divided the culture when his signature shoes were released in 1995. One of the most polarizing sneakers in history were unearthed from the Reebok vault and re-released in 2013.

14. Reebok The Pump

514px-Pump_bringback_weiss2Image Source: Wikipedia

Who didn’t want a pair of Pumps when they dropped in 1989? We’re still in love with these sneaks. But the collaboration between Reebok’s Paul Litchfield and industrial design firm Design Continuum blew our minds when unveiled. We’re glad Reebok brought them back.

13. Nike Air Pressure

Nike Air PressureImage Source: Kick Foto via Flickr

How did Nike respond to The Pump? The Swoosh released their own version that Marty McFly would have definitely worn. At $190, these were the most expensive sneakers on the market in 1989.

12. Supra Skytop II

Supra Skytop IIImage Source: Sole Redemption

We’re quite certain that the peeps behind Supra were fans of high-tops. We don’t have any other proof than the extremely high Skytop II that debuted in 2009.

11. Nike Air Foamposite One

nike-air-foamposite-one-dark-neon-royal-1Image Source: Sole Redemption

People might be fans of the Foamposite now, but when Nike released these minimal sneaks in 1997, that wasn’t the case. We think that the $180 price tag had a part to play in that, but over time, the shoe has been winning over fans.

10. Nike Zoom flight ’98 “The Glove”

nike-zoom-flight-the-glove-white-black-4Image Source: Sole Collector

For this pair of signature shoes, Nike literally took a nickname and converted it into a sneaker design. Gary Patton, aka ‘The Glove,’ had some say in this very unique design. It paid off since this became one of the most popular silhouettes ever created. Aren’t we all glad that it made a comeback in 2013?

9. Osiris D3


Image Source: Manuel Magazine

Osiris is a skate shoe company that was founded in 1996, and is still going strong today. In 2001, the brand released the popular D3 model. While these are an awesome pair of skateboarding shoes, they just seemed to be on the bulky side for skaters to sport. But, you know, to each his own.

8. Vibram Five Fingers

m148-heroImage Source: Vibram Five Fingers

Capitalizing on the barefoot running trend, design student Robert Fliri came up with these minimalist shoes in 1999. The Vibram Five Fingers, however, weren’t unveiled until 2005.

7. Nike Air Carnivore

nike-air-carnivore-retro-summer-2010-aImage Source: Sneaker News

In 1993 Nike got all in your face with these comfortable, durable, and flexible performance sneakers. These aggressive sneakers, which may have been inspired by Jurassic Park, won a lot of people over, but some just couldn’t share the wild design. The shoes were resurrected in 2010.

6. adidas Kobe

adidas-The-KOBEImage Source: BasketBlog

It’s hard to fathom now, but there was a time when Kobe was endorsed by adidas. The brand was quick to sign the 18-year old when he joined the Lakers in 1997. During his short run with adidas, Kobe’s signature shoes were some of the craziest ever created. The most insane piece though was The Kobe, which was inspired by the Audi TT Roadster.

5. Dada Spinners

dada-spinner-og-shoe1Image Source: The Shoe Game

We’re not sure what Latrell Sprewell and a spinner actually in your footwear have to do with each other, but it became a reality in 2001. If you thought that this gimmick of shoe was just a one-time occurrence, you’d be sadly mistaken. The Dada Spinner made a triumphant return in 2010.

4. Nike Air Unlimited

SC Unlimited8

Image Source: Sole Collector

During the 1993-94 NBA Season, David Robinson was seen on the court with a pair of kicks unlike any other pair before. To provide the legendary player with some much-needed ankle support, the Nike Air Unlimited featured 4 straps. Because of this record breaking amount of straps, we think, they even came with an instruction booklet. Insanity.

3. Reebok ATV19+

V54817_01Image Source: Reebok

Is it us or do the ATV19+ look like they’re made up of cow nipples? Despite the strange look, these shoes are supposed to be durable, offer plenty of support and have 19 irregular lugs to help athletes tear  through mud, snow, sand and grass with ease.

2. Nike Flightposite III

Bring-em-Back2Image Source: Nice Kicks

Back in 2002, Nike opted to get flashy with a new member of the “˜Posite family. These strapped up, bug-eyed, silver sneakers may not have caught on at the time, but because they’re so difficult to find, they’re definitely a pair that every collector needs to cop. Maybe someday Nike will retro them.

1. Under Armour Charge BB

FL-Unlocked-Under-Armour-Charge-BB_BlogImage Source: Foot Locker

In 2012, Under Armour turned the entire sneaker world upside when the company released the Charge BB. In what could be the future of hightops, these innovating kicks feature UA”™s infamous HeatGear® materials, for breathability, and a two-piece upper that works with your anatomy to “articulate”with your ankle. Regardless on how you feel about this bold design, you can’t deny that these are one of the most polarizing sneakers ever.

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