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Featured Shoes: Marvel Unveils Official Limited Edition Sneakers

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With the blockbuster success of the movie ‘The Avengers’ still fresh in mind, Marvel is now set to unveil its collaboration production with Reebok in the form of sneakers featuring different characters from the Marvel Superhero and Villain collection in the Marvel Official Limited Edition Sneaker Collection.

For this creative collaboration, Reebok together with Marvel designed sneakers that features classic design from low to high tops revamped to fit in to each character it represents. There are superheroes such as Captain America, Spiderman, Wolverine, Chamber and Emma Frost, a foe turned member of the X-Men. The Villains include Sabretooth, Venom, Black Widow and Deadpool. Each sneak has different features cognizant of Reebok and is characteristic of the superhero or villain that they represent and has a drawing of them on the soles.

It is now time to make a choice between your favorite superhero or villain or you might just buy the whole collection.  Watch out for more news about the release of this sneaker capsule.

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