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12 Examples of Taking Sneaker Culture Too Far

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Saying that some collectors take their sneakerhead a bit too far is putting it mildly. We get it. The culture is something that few don”™t understand. There”™s so much to it. Following all that new heat that brands unveil and making sure that we snag that ultra-rare pair of exclusives is part of the game. We want to hang out in our favorite sneaker stores and boutiques. And, you know that we”™re going to boast about our collection.

All that is normal. It”™s expected. But some people go too far. Like on the verge of insanity. While we want to make sure that we properly take care of our kicks and are willing to sacrifice time and money for a must-cop pair of sneakers, there are the times that collectors lost their heads. For example…

12. Camping Out

One of the most iconic parts of sneaker culture. The “sneaker camp-out”. Whether it”™s for a pair of Nike Air Foamposites or Yeezys, it”™s not uncommon for people to spend days, even weeks, braving the elements in a line waiting for the drop. These people are either dedicated or absolutely insane.

11. Extreme Organization

You just have to keep your collection organized. How else can you keep track of all those sneakers? But some peeps go to the extreme. Take Jermaine Dupri for example. He actually numbers, labels, and photocopies his kicks in a book?

10. Closing Shop


Say what you will about AI, but we found new respect from the former Sixer after hearing that he not only closed down a Foot Locker, but also picked up the tab for his crew. What”™s even cooler is that AI left one of the employees an envelope with $800 because he treated him like a normal person.

9. Mob Scene

Sometimes it doesn”™t take a lot to get a mob going. Case in point, the scene that went down at a Houston Mall when the anticipated Air Jordan Cool Grey 11″™s dropped. People just couldn”™t wait and chaos ensued. Sadly, this isn”™t the only time that a mob grew out of sneaker madness.

8. Pepper Sprayed

When crowds get out of control? They get pepper sprayed. That”™s what happened in 2012 in Huntsville, AL when an unruly crowd went nuts while waiting for a pair of Bred Jordan 11s. That would be crazy enough on its own. But, some people even refused medical assistance and remained in line. That”™s dedication.

7. Wearing Bags Over Sneaks

Plastic bags over shoes for rain 2

We know. Sneakers aren”™t cheap and you want to protect your investment. But, putting bags over your kicks? Seriously? It”™s one thing to put sneakers in a ziplock bag for storage, but to walk down the street and look like some homeless clown is another example of insanity. If you don”™t want to trash your sneaks from bad weather, then don”™t wear them.

6. Painting Cracks


It”™s the worst when your prized possessions start cracking. But, there are professionals out there who know how to repair those ugly cracks. Leave it to pros and don”™t try to fix your shoes yourself. It”™s going to like amateur.

5. The Violence

One of the darkest aspects surrounding sneaker culture is the violence. Unfortunately, there”™s a history of people attacking, even killing, another person over their sneakers. Completely uncalled for and just disgusting. Shoes aren”™t worth a person”™s life. One sad example was the Chicago teen who was murdered for his sneakers after refusing to them up in 2012.

4. Air Yeezy 2 Fight

Things got real in San Fran after an elderly woman was knocked out by another woman during the Yeezy 2 campout. Nothing to say except that”™s just cray.

3. Air Yeezy eBay Auction


People literally lost it with “Yeezy 2 Mania”. How bad was it? Someone on eBay actually dropped reportedly $90,300 on June 6, 2012. We don”™t know if the sale went through, but some foul did make that bid. While that wasn”™t the average selling price on the auction site, it wasn”™t abnormal for people to spend $2,000. For sneakers.

2. Offering “˜Favors”™


How desperate were people to score Air Jordan Ray Allen XIIIs? People were offering sexual favors with their girlfriends, moms also put up similar exchanges, and dudes were giving thousands of dollars to store employees just to get their hands on these sneakers. None of these people had problems offering these things for a pair of shoes apparently.

1. Trading Car


Those Galaxy Foamposites were one hot commodity. How hot? A dude from NYC was more than willing to trade his 96 Chevy Cavalier for a pair of Galaxy Foamposite size 10.5. The Craigslist seller even offered to drive his everyday vehicle to the trader. That”™s insanity.


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