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The 11 Greatest LeBron Signature Shoes

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Has your bank account recovered after picking up the LeBron XI? Even if it hasn”™t, you shouldn”™t have any buyer’s remorse. The latest Nike and LeBron release made history. It turns out King James is now the second basketball player to reach the milestone of having 11 signature shoes,  Michael Jordan is obviously at the top in case you wondering.

Ever since Bron Bron inked that $90 million contract and stepped onto the court sporting the Nike Air Zoom Generation in 2003, his shoes have become one of the most discussed topics among not only collectors, but also casual fans who have been left in awe of the unique kicks.

While Nike is honoring with an interactive digital tribute, we here at Sole Redemption are paying tribute to the King with our 11 favorite LeBron signatures.

11. Nike LeBron X EXT “Cork”


On February 23, Nike dropped a special edition LeBron X that was made entirely out of cork. We don”™t know they made a sneaker out of cork. Maybe because it was to celebrate LeBron”™s previous season”™s championship win, you know, popping champagne bottles. Whatever the reason, these are some of the most unique shoes ever.

10. Nike Zoom LeBron VI “MVP”

In honor or LeBron James being named the 2008-09 MVP, Nike released an exclusive Zoom LeBron VI. These kicks featured mainly a white upper with minimal black details throughout the base and gold accents.

9. Nike Zoom LeBron II “SVSM”


For his second signature shoe paid tribute to The King”™s high school days back at Saint Vincent Saint Mary with these special edition kicks. Even though they came out in 2005, they remain fresh.

8. Nike Zoom LeBron II “All-Star”

Bron Bron sported these sleek sneaks with a grey upper and white and royal accents during the All-Star Game in Denver back in 2005.

7. Nike Zoom LeBron IV “Fruity Pebbles”


NLB on Picasa Web Album

People lost their minds when the colorful Nike Zoom LeBron IV Fruity Pebbles Player Exclusives were unveiled New York Pop-up Exhibition. Just look at them. It”™s understandable why people dug them.

6. Nike Air Max LeBron VII “All Star”

Not only were these some perfectly functional shoes on the court, they were also perfect for casual situations. These were a nice treat during the 2010 All-Star Game.

5. Nike LeBron 8 V1 “Pre-Heat”

Just as LeBron was taking his talents to South Beach, Nike dropped one of the sickest colorways ever. The filament green mixed with the pink laces just screams “Welcome to Miami”.

4. Nike Air Zoom Generation “Christmas Day”


The NBA wanted to give its future superstar as much exposure as possible, which is why the Cavs were playing on Christmas Day. Besides the gift of greatness on the court, fans also caught a glimpse of the incredible “Christmas Day” edition of LeBron”™s first signature shoe.

3. Nike Zoom LeBron IV “All Star”


Another pair of kicks designed to honor The King making the  All-Star Game. This time it was a unique pair that James wore while the game was going down in Vegas.

2. Nike Air Max LeBron VII “Heroes Pack” Jordan XI


What do you get when The King pays tribute to His Airness? These incredibly awesome Black patent leather upper mixed with Black mesh kicks. An absolute classic.

1. Nike Air Zoom Generation “First Games”

It all started here when LeBron joined Cleveland in 2003.



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